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About Krystel Tchatchou.

Hailing from the heart of Central Africa more precisely Cameroon, I am driven by a passion to infuse the invigorating essence of the tropics into my unique Candles and Air Fresheners. My entrepreneurial journey took flight in 2017, sparked by a housewarming celebration thrown by close friends. Faced with an array of gift options, I yearned to stand out. This led me to gift something distinctive and unparalleled. I presented my friends with a set of handmade pillow covers and candles that I had crafted with care days prior. The response was overwhelmingly positive; my friends and their guests were charmed by the cushions and candles, with many expressing a desire to own their own set or at least discover where they could procure such items. The fragrance emanating from the candles was particularly enchanting, infusing the space with a refreshing scent that transported one to the untouched wilderness of nature. Following that memorable gathering, I successfully sold my inaugural batch of handmade candles and pillow sets. With a flair for creativity and a palette steeped in multicultural influences, I proudly established my brand, Kaprice Tropical Candle Co.

Our inspiration

Kaprice Tropical Candle Co. draws its inspiration from the rich tapestry of Africa's natural wonders, celebrating the continent's remarkable geographical diversity. From the fertile volcanic soils to the majestic reserves, from the towering rock formations to the meandering rivers, and the lush bounty of aromatic agricultural produce, our products are a homage to the heavenly scents that permeate this vibrant land.

What we offer

Drawing from the exuberant core of the tropics and the dynamic essence of Cameroon, at Kaprice Tropical Candle Co. we offer an array of Candles, Room & Car Sprays, Diffusers and Sachet Bags. Every scent is chosen with the utmost care for its power to conjure the pure and refreshing atmosphere of the great outdoors, beckoning you on a sensory journey through the wild, unbridled expanse where liberty is the rule. Immerse yourself in the pristine, authentic aroma that captures the quintessential spirit of the tropics.

Our journey so far

Navigating the nuances of home fragrance in interior decor can pose a challenge, as creating a refreshing ambiance without overpowering the senses requires a delicate balance. Recognizing this dilemma, we set out on a mission to curate a collection of natural fragrances that are both genuine and universally accessible. This vision laid the groundwork for Kaprice Tropical Candle Co., your trusted destination for premium, stylish home scent solutions.

"Our paramount objective is to undertake the journey of crafting a range of natural and genuine home fragrances, meticulously designed for universal accessibility."

Mumento core values

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At the core of our customer relationships is the bedrock principle of trust. Through our commitment to providing authentic products, reliable information, and outstanding service, we strive to cultivate and maintain enduring trust with our clientele.


Our dedicated team exceeds your expectations by delivering products of the highest quality. We are driven by the ambition to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our customers, ensuring that each use of our products brings relaxation and a sense of enchanting well-being.


At our core, we're a company that believes in honesty, ethics, and professionalism. That means taking responsibility for our actions and providing you with the highest quality home scents candles.


We believe innovation is the key to creating unforgettable fragrance experiences. By constantly seeking out new scents, ideas, and processes, we're always finding ways to make our products even better for you.

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